Palm Springs is located in the Coachella Valley of California.  It’s  about 107 miles east of Los Angeles in Riverside County.  It’s a very easy drive from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, to this popular resort city. I love Palm Springs for many reasons!

There are other beloved cities in the Palm Springs area, such as Palm Desert, Rancho MIrage and La Quinta.  All these cities have beautiful resorts with magnificent golf courses and pools. I’ll break down the different things to do, places to stay and eat, in these towns.  I’ll post in more detail in the sections of Best hotels and things to do.

Why Palm Springs?

Palm Springs is one of the the oldest desert resort city, with many different types of hotel accomodations through out the area There are many restaurants and shops that have been around for decades, along Palm Canyon Drive.

Some Activities

Beside lounging by the hundreds of spectactular pools, there are many beautiful golf courses and tennis courts, that can be enjoyed year round.

One of the more popular things to do in the city of Palm Springs is take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway…

Palm Springs tramway

You’ll take the incredible tram from the Coachella Valley floor all the way up the mountain, to San Jacinto Peak.  Its a 12.5 minute ride in the largest rotating tramcar in the world.

Be sure to give yourself at least an hour for this excursion.  You can hike while on the mountain and there’s a restaurant up there, too.   Also, make sure you bring a jacket.  The temperature is approximately 30 degrees difference, from the hot desert to the cold mountain.  Always check the weather, no matter time of year. There’s a fee for the tram, varies depending on age.   Location to pick up the tram is, 1 tramway, Palm Springs, CA 92262


If you’re an experienced  hiker, than you’ll love The Cactus to Clouds Trail…

Palm Springs zhike

It starts at a very low elevation, amongst the cacti, then goes to a very high peak, where you might end up in a cloud!  This hike is located in The San Jacinto Park and gains the most elevation out of any trail in the United States.  It’s considered one of the hardest day hikes.  The hike is a strenuous 20 miles roundtrip.  You’lll hike up 8000 ft to Long Valley, then continue another 2600 ft, to the summit of San Jacinto Peak.

This hike is not for the novice hiker.  Always check the weather.  It can get quite HOT!  Brings lots of water and sunscreen.  Dress accordingly.  A hat is a must!


Windmills are everywhere..

Palm Springs windmills


The first thing you’ll notice when you get to the Palm Springs area, are the crazy, big windmills! What are those things and what do they actually do? Well, why don’t you take a fun tour and learn  all about them?  Honestly, it may be one of the most interesting tours you’ll take in California.

These windmills are technically called, wind turbines and they are a great source of energy that produces electricity.  You probably figured that out, but you probably don’t realize that this process is less harmful to the environment.  You’ll learn more interesting facts about these windmills, when you take the tour.   You’ll also learn all about the desert plants.  A very informative and entertaining tour, you will experience. Check online for a tour company in Palm Springs.  There are many.


Some Popular Palm Springs Hotels

  • Riviera Palm Springs, 1600 N Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92262
  • Hyatt Palm Springs, 285 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92262
  • Parker Palm Springs, 4200 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92264
  • Viceroy Palm Springs, 415 S. Belardo Rd, Pal Springs, 92262
  • Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs, 150 S. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92262


Some Popular Palm Springs Restaurants

  • Copley’s, 621 N. pal Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92262
  • Jake’s, 664 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92262
  • Las Casuelas Terraza, 222 S. Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, 262
  • Cheeky’s, Cheeky’s 622 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92262
  •  L’Atelier Cafe, 129 La Plaza, Palm Springs, 92262


Some Popular Palm Springs Shops

  • Route 66 West – Vintage jewelry store that vintage afficianados flock to! 465 N. Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs 92262
  • Memento Gift Shop – Unique gifts offered, locally owned at great prices. 111 La Plaza, Palm Springs 92262
  • Gallery 446 – Supports local Artists, popular gallery where you can find modern, street and graffiti art.  446 S. Indian Canyon, Palm Springs 92262
  • The Cocky Cactus – Shop for cards, gifts, art and home decor, all inspired by the desert Southwest, Southern California and Mexico.  A must visit, I LOVE this shop – 150 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, 92262
  • Diane’s – great swimsuits, beachwear, resort attire, accessories.  There are several stores throughout California. This store is the best one. They have the best customer service.  155 S, Palm Canyon Dr. Pal m Springs 92262








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